My take on the #DnDgate thing

My take on the #DnDgate thing

Just found out the #DnDgate is a thing so I’d like to say a couple of things. Continue reading “My take on the #DnDgate thing”



This is another quick update.

I had promised a map and a review for this week. Things don’t usually go as planned.

My father had a heart attack this morning. He had a surgery and is now stable, but not out of danger yet.

Until the situation is better I can’t continue working on (and being stressed about) the blog.

This blog is a work of love and I do it as part of me liking tabletop RPGs. However, since it’s a hobby, at this point of time my priorities must focus completely on my family.

Since I have a review mostly finished, I’ll try to finish and post it at some point. I also need to make some other, RPG related, announcements but I’ll see when I’ll be able to do it. After that, I don’t know.

To the people who have trusted me with their work, I apologise. It will take more time than expected for me to review it. I hope you understand.

Until the next time, be well.

Quick Update

Hey everyone. I’m back only for a really quick update on the status of the blog.

I’ve been working on another review and a new map that I was planning on releasing this week. Both have the “almost complete” status but need a bit more work. However, there has been a complication.

I’ve started taking medication for my eyes for the second time this year. It’s hard for me to write at the moment and I definitely need to let my eyes rest for a bit. I’ve been spending much more time in front of a screen lately and it has taken its toll.

Hopefully, the medicine I’m taking will be enough and there won’t be a need for more, even though that’s a possibility. My ophthalmologist isn’t available due to the holiday so it’s not sure I’m taking enough medicine.

I don’t have much more to say right now. There are some news but I’d rather be able to write about them properly. Hopefully, I’ll be back next week with more things to write about and less pain.