I ran a Christmas one-shot

I really wanted to run a holiday themed session for my players. But I didn’t have any time to create one. You see, since we got some free time, we decided to play as many sessions of our main campaign as possible – in our case, two. And the only time we could play the holiday session was between the two others. So what am I supposed to do? Find an awesome holiday one-shot on the internet, of course!

A quick google search revealed me a tribality article with a list of holiday themed adventures. I chose their D&D 5e adventure called The Darkest Night. It’s a pretty straightforward and easy adventure so I decided to ask two fellow students, with no experience on RPGs, if they wanted to give it one shot(Did you get it?! Did you?! Ah, I’m terrible…). I was not disappointed over my decision.

My regular and new players gave it all and roleplayed a lot. It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because my regulars don’t roleplay that much, since we haven’t gotten used to it yet. I blame the holiday mood and Christmas decoration for this, and also the fact that it was a one-shot so they were relaxed. Everyone had a lot of fun that day and told me they really enjoyed the session.

Let’s talk about the adventure for a moment, too. As I said, it’s a pretty straightforward adventure. You have to save a Santa-like character from a vile demon, Krampus, that has taken over his workshop. There are 3 encounters in this adventure. The first one is a combat encounter with monsters that have a ranged attack, a melee attack and an ability that allows them to hide. The next one gives the players freedom to choose how to  handle a situation that may lead to avoiding another battle, or not. And the last one is a boss battle with “fun” abilities. I don’t want to fully describe the adventure. Go ahead and check it out. All in all, I believe it is a fun adventure, friendly for new players, that introduces different mechanics in a simple way. The only con – well not exactly a con – I found is that it was a little short. However, this is solvable by checking out the comment section of the article, where there are some suggestions for making the adventure a bit longer. The one I liked, and used, is the one where Krampus starts flying towards the town and you have to follow him.

I like season themed adventures and I want to run them whenever possible. This was the first time I had the chance to do it, but it’s definitely not the last. Next time, I hope I’ll have the time to create my own adventure and, hopefully, upload it here, too.

Until next time, have fun and happy holidays!


P.S: I was planning to post this earlier, but I went on a small trip for a couple of days and things fell back a little. So, as you can imagine, I didn’t make it in time to finish my entry for the homebrew contest. But that doesn’t mean I won’t finish and upload it here.


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